Nurses Vacancies

Nurse Employment

Nursing is a field where the vacancies are only rising but unfortunately, the demands are not being met with adequate applications. This is the reason why nurse employment is a highly profitable career. Many people have this wrong idea that nursing jobs are limited to hospital settings. Instead, nurses are required in a number of places like outpatient clinics, nursing homes, emergency rooms, schools, workplaces, etc. In fact, nurses are needed in the military too! There are several roles that nurses can play from staff nurses to nurse practitioners and from nurse anesthetists to managers and researchers, educators, etc.

Here are some of the different types of nurse employment that you can opt from for a career in nursing:

Practice Nursing as an Nurse Employment Option

This is the most common type of nurse employment where the nurse works as a part of the team of health care that includes doctors, dietitians, pharmacists and nurses. The role of the nurse here can be varied from running clinics to part-time jobs under an MD. In order to qualify as a practice nurse you will need the following:

  • You will have to be an experienced registered nurse.
  • You will have to have good medical and communication skills and at the same time be well organized.

Clinical Nursing as a Nurse Employment Option

A clinical nurse serves the job of taking care of patients in clinics working under a doctor. In addition to this, they may also provide consultations in some fields like in psychiatric health.

Adult Nursing or Geriatrics as a Nurse Employment Option

In a nurse employment like this, you will be expected to take care of old people suffering from a number of conditions. To be able in this field, you will need interpersonal skills like

  • Teaching
  • Caring
  • managing
  • counseling, etc

These will help in improving the life quality of patients. You may be based in clinics, hospital wards or even in community settings.

Mental Health Nursing as a Nurse Employment Option

Nurse employment in this field will have to work with psychiatrists, GPs, physiologists, etc. to take care of mentally ill patients. As a mental health nurse, your have the options of working at residential centers, specialist clinics, prisons, etc. Work can be pretty tedious in this field and you may have to work on 24 hour shifts too. However, the role is very rewarding and satisfying too.

Children’s Nursing as a Nurse Employment Option

As a children’s nurse, you will have to work with children of different ages and affected by several conditions, both physical and mental. Nurse employment in this field is required in day care centers, hospitals, health clinics and in some cases, even at residences. Children’s nursing is slowly becoming community-based. You may even be required to provide 24 hour services as a children’s nurse.

Healthcare Assistants or Nursing Auxiliary as a Nurse Employment Option

This type of a nurse employment does not require an individual to be particularly qualified academically. The assistants work with midwives and nurses in helping them take care of patients.

Nurse Employment