Nurses Vacancies

Nursing Vacancy Standards

It is hard to find a profession that is satisfying both professionally as well as personally. The nursing vacancy standards are rising rapidly in today's contexts considering the many benefits that the nursing profession offers. There are over 2.4 million nursing jobs and with a rate of employment this high and with limited applicants, the demand for nurses is increasing. Here are some reasons why a nursing job is so coveted and why nursing vacancy standards are skyrocketing.

Job Security in the Nursing Profession

Nursing is a profession where you can be sure about the security of your job. It doesn’t matter if the recession hits the country or there is an economic depression, your job as a nurse will always be safe.

Nurse Employment Advantages

At present, there are more than a 100,000 vacancies for nurses and this number is going to rise to 800,000 over next 2 decades as predicted by experts. It has never been a more favorable time to work as a nurse and this is one of the main reasons why nursing vacancy standards are rising so rapidly.

Financial Advantages of a Nursing Job

The average salary of a registered nurse varies anywhere between $45,000 and $65,000 while nurse practitioners earn an average of around $70,000 annually. This implies that the nursing career is not devoid of the financial benefits that everyone inevitably looks for in different professions. With newer fields being introduced in the nursing profession, for example, legal nurse consulting, forensic nursing, travel nursing, etc. the financial aspect only becomes better and more desirable, thereby raising the nursing vacancy standards.

Job Options in the Nursing Profession

The nursing profession offers a wide variety of jobs ranging from registered nursing to practice nursing and specialized nursing. You can easily find a field that interests you. The following are some of the options you can choose from:

  • You can choose different work settings from the typical hospital setting to clinics, offices, health-care centers, school, etc.

  • There are nurse vacancies even in military camps and prisons.

  • A lot of nursing jobs are community and society based. You can even choose to become a family nurse where you provide residential nursing service.

  • There are nursing jobs that deal with hospital insurance policies and administration if you like dealing with the legal and economic aspects of nursing.

Career Scope in the Nursing Profession

This is one criteria that every person looks for while choosing a profession, especially so in the case of youngsters. The nursing vacancy standards are also rising because of this one factor that it offers a great scope of career advancement and specialization. The scope in the nursing profession is as follows:

  • As a starter, you can get your basic nursing education and begin with an apprenticeship training where you work under a supervising nurse.

  • With basic experience, you can proceed to work in specialized fields like pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatry, etc.

  • At an advanced level of nursing practice, you can even work independently- open your own clinic, see patients, diagnose their ailments and prescribe medication. Of course, you can do so only with good experience and with the required authorization or licensure.
Nursing Vacancy Standards